Support Mainframe Modernization by leveraging Analytics with z/Trim

We are happy to announce the launch of z/Trim, a platform to facilitate mainframe modernization by leveraging analytics. The platform has been designed to help IT and business decision makers answer the following two questions:


1/ How can we quickly identify the applications running on the mainframe, analyze their consumption and help estimate the savings resulting from their optimization within our hybrid environment?

z/Trim Operations Analytics dashboard is designed to visualize the consumption of any applications running on the mainframe in one click. Hosted on a distributed platform, it enables users to save over 30% of the cost of their mainframe legacy performance analysis solutions.

Using Angular technology, z/Trim Operation Analytics delivers reports quickly and easily through a web interface, compatible with modern browsers and mobile devices.


z/Trim Operations Analytics benefits are immediate and powerful:

  • Cost savings: By freeing up capacity and enabling users to effectively judge which non-critical applications they can move off the mainframe to open systems platforms in order to reduce their mainframe consumption
  • Optimized competences: Countering the decrease of available mainframe expertise, z/Trim Operations Analytics creates comprehensive business-oriented reports that can be easily understood
  • Affordability: Available on freemium and monthly subscription model, z/Trim has been designed to be an affordable option for organizations


2/ Since 70% of corporate critical data transacts on the mainframe, how can we provide access to this information to Business Intelligence teams?

z/Trim Data Provider is an easy-to-use and non-intrusive application, enabling mainframe applications data to be transferred to analytics repositories, such as Hadoop, Elasticsearch and Splunk. The transfer is done through a secure channel within a few seconds, without consuming mainframe resources.

z/Trim Data Provider benefits are quick and significant:

  • Cost savings: By processing data on an open system platform without consuming mainframe resources
  • Guarantees security and QoS: z/Trim Data Provider leverages the SMF mechanism for data transfer to ensure the security and the QoS of the mainframe and the applications
  • Provides easy mainframe access: Business Intelligence teams can easily access the mainframe applications data, enabling better informed strategic business decisions
  • Affordability: z/Trim Data Provider is available to organizations through an attractive and affordable monthly subscription


Read RSD-Gartner report “Analytics: Key to Mainframe Modernization” and arrange a call back with one of our z/Trim experts.