The future of EOS 360 and other new products were previewed during our RSD User Group meetings in Europe and North America.

As a tradition for many years, RSD hosted 3 user meetings early this fall, two in North America (Worcester Mass and Minneapolis, MN and one in Paris in France. The participating users were major American and European Banks, Airlines and public agencies, as well as most of the worldwide leaders in Insurance agencies, all of them operating mainframes in their IT departments. These meetings allowed their teams, managers and operations personnel, to get a deep preview of upcoming products to be released in the next few months, along with new services. In addition, it provided an opportunity for RSD users to meet and exchange thoughts and ideas.

Fostering innovation with Mainframe

In Paris, François-Xavier Floren, CEO of RSD, delivered an encouraging keynote, where we see mainframe budgets being slowly reduced on the long term.  “The major effect related to this trend is a lost in effectiveness”, he said. “What we do at RSD is provide a creative response with helping innovation get a higher value out of IT… Yes, it’s possible to address innovation in the mainframe area. We’re here to take care of the technology, but our purpose is to help you innovate and become more efficient in your core business. Therefore, to bring you the most valuable resources, we need feed-back from you on your business issues…We’re here to listen to you…”.

He rapidly highlighted RSD’s next initiatives: “To help you consolidate all the tools you’re actually using for output management, wherever they come from; improve your operation environment with new features, a more appealing interface; enhance the methodology and draft a roadmap for new non-disruptive approach to improve your security.”

A stack of new products and services to come

A suite of presentations focused on EOS 360 highlighted how it is possible, today to use the mainframe to create and secure huge sets of enterprise data and how to migrate them to a cheaper and more flexible Open Systems environment to be able to use them more efficiently with agility and react to business needs. EOS V2.1 will be replaced by EOS 360 V1 which contains a lot of user requested enhancements to facilitate administrators and end-user’s life. These presentations triggered several discussions about the migration path from EOS V2.1 to EOS 360 V1 and further. We learned that EOS 360 V2 will be available in May 2018 with many improvements and new capabilities. (We will provide more details in later posts on this blog).

An important presentation was dedicated to explaining how RSD can expedite the consolidation of heterogeneous output management tools with its own EOS Platform. Those output management tools, exploited in parallel, generate higher cost and lower efficiency. A framework for migration, elaborated with feedback from our users, was presented as a proven methodology to secure and smooth the migration process. This service was specifically developed to help RSD customers enhance their systems and accomplish their enterprise’s goals.
Our user feedback is a unique guide for the future evolutions of EOS 360 V2 for better user experience, better performance, better control and cost effectiveness in a highly regulated environment for data protection (GDPR in Europe, HIPPA and PCI in America). User requirements and expectations will be valuable input to initiate and drive further developments of V3.

User interactions

At the end of the session, all attending users had the opportunity to privately share and discuss their views on what has been presented and other subjects. They provided a short recap of their exchanges to the RSD Executive team. And finally, they were asked to complete (anonymous) questionnaire on what they expect from RSD in the future. This kind of feedback is essential for the evolution of the products. This blog will publish the most significant ones as well as user testimonials.

Didn’t attend our User Groups? Watch our webinar to discover what’s new for our Output Management solution EOS 360 and get excited about what’s coming soon!

Webinar: Discovering the EOS Roadmap
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