RSD is excited to announce the launch of EOS 360 v2.0. This latest version is a result of major investment in our flagship product, and the result of almost 2 years of engineering work.

How does EOS contribute to your business efficiency?

At RSD the customer product experience is always of paramount importance, and any product development undertaken aims to ensure we’re making this experience ever better. These new features in EOS 360 v2.0 will help our customers:

  1. Simplify user access, administration and increase effectiveness
  2. Create value through enabling consolidation of output management to EOS
  3. Choose the best output management solution for their environment

How will EOS 360 v2.0 help RSD customers change the way they manage their content?

New functionality in EOS 360 v2.0:
  • EOS Access v2.1: EOS web user interface enables our customers to replace their EOS Thin Client and EOS PC with an improved user experience, while providing access to EOS from any device or browser.
  • Consolidation of competing products: Field lengths are longer, so replacing competing output management products is made easy, especially products from CA, Beta and BMC.
  • Increased flexibility of EOS user security features: this functionality was co-designed with a major US bank to increase security, defining more granular security levels for users.
  • Reinforced audit for data privacy compliance: this functionality was co-designed with a major European bank leveraging SMF records to trace end users activity.

EOS 360 v2.0 is available now on z/OS and Open platforms. Our solution has been stress tested at RSD and in IBM’s labs in Germany and can be implemented immediately.

Watch our webinar to discover what’s new for our Output Management solution, EOS 360.
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