Many of you have known RSD for long time. Few of you have ever had the opportunity to meet us. This blog is dedicated to your community. You are all involved in managing, improving and using IT in your company, and you may sometimes feel its heavy weight in your day-to-day workload. There is a mainframe not far from you and you really care about it because it’s been there for many years and it’s the best secure tool you ever had. But times they are changing, IT evolves faster than ever and you face more and more new challenges and new ways of using IT. Your company and its customers are also evolving, stressing to change the IT usage in an open and hybrid IT world.

We address your challenges

Our team of experts, as well as the management team, will be accessible in the blog. We’ll be trying to understand and highlight what is going on, what you’ve achieved and what you’re proud of. But we will also strive to find out what you need today, what you’d like for tomorrow, understand what went wrong, analyze it and find solutions to solve the problems you have pointed us. Your suggestions and stories, the good, bad and the ugly, will be welcome comments… We will also provide updates of what our engineers are doing to improve your life, how we envision some parts of our future, and what events we are preparing.

Share your expectations with your community

With this blog, you will be able to know better who we are, what we do and how we do it. With this blog, your comments and your posts (we hope a lot), you will also be able to tell us who you are, what you do and what you’re expecting from us. This blog, in order to be useful and successful, can’t be the result of a one man (or woman) show. It will be a collective and collaborative activity from both sides, yours and ours.

Looking forward to reading your comments …


Pauline Giambiasi Marketing Manager