An Information Governance program is a journey

It starts with an assessment of your maturity in terms of Information Management strategy, the policies that are in place and the stakeholders involved in your program. It leads towards the achievement of your program objectives and beyond.

To help companies to build their own journey, RSD has leveraged its expertise by developing a modular approach based on solutions. This approach is an incremental one, to help companies to move from one stage to another one, at their own rhythm. These solutions are supported by our leading IG software platform RSD GLASS. Check your readiness or Create your own Information Governance Program!

Information Governance is a Journey


Information Governance for you

Discover how Information Governance can help you to achieve your objectives.

Information Governance for your Business

Regulations can vary by country, state, province, and industry.

Information Governance Solutions can help you to keep your compliance objectives at highest level across your company and the jurisdictions where it operates.

"At RSD, we believe the information governance challenge facing the enterprise today is of strategic significance.  Those who understand, plan, and execute to address this challenge will have a competitive advantage, even in extremely tough economic conditions." - Pierre Van Beneden, CEO, RSD

Compelling Event for Information  Governance

An Information Governance project starts based on concrete needs and contexts. Defensible disposition or Litigation situations raise the need to minimize risks for companies. End Users and IT are desperate to see a growing flow of information into their SharePoint or shared drives environment losing knowledge and not getting any value from them. While business users wants to keep the right balance between the legacy with their physical records and the digital world.
An Information Governance program is flexible enough to match your functional objectives while integrating your IT infrastructure.  Let’s see how!