EOS Total Productivity

empowers organizations and users to achieve operational efficiency

The major challenge for IT Infrastructure and Operations organizations is increasing operational efficiency and aligning IT with the business. It is not just about managing the infrastructure, but it is also about empowering employees with the right set of tools that enable them to be more productive and efficient. EOS Total Productivity is a set of features that helps organizations reduce their operating costs and empower users to be more productive.


Thin Client

Thin Client enables an unlimited number of authorized users to simultaneously access and manipulate business-critical content using a web browser, ensuring the organization delivers indispensable information anytime, anyplace, regardless of where and in what format it is stored.

  • Lowers print costs and eliminates software distribution costs by providing users secure and fast access to business content from any web browser
  • Enhances user experience and productivity with powerful data analysis and search tools – supporting both casual and sophisticated usage
  • Improves decision making with easy and personalized access to business-critical information in any format

RSD Doc2Mail

RSD Doc2Mail enables automatic e-mail notification of report availability and e-mail delivery of report content from RSD EOS (Enterprise Output Solution). By eliminating the need to manually check the EOS repository for newly-created reports, Doc2Mail increases productivity and decreases errors, ensuring that users always have the latest report content available to them on virtually any e-mail client or device.

  • Multiple delivery options via any SMTP-based e-mail system allows for simple notice of report availability, or delivery as an attachment or insertion
  • Simple-to-use administration for management of report delivery options, delivery rules, e-mail request queues, and tracking of e-mail distribution
  • Seamlessly access report content through the EOS client application, fully leveraging its search capabilities
  • E-mail delivery in file formats that can be directly used by software applications such as Microsoft Office, eliminating manual conversion or copy/paste operations

EOS Spool Manager

EOS Spool Manager extends the power of RSD EOS (Enterprise Output Solution) by providing a web-based solution that enables operators, systems programmers, and application developers to view Message Class Output including JCL errors, conditions codes, and ABEND information using an intuitive browser GUI.

  • Achieve operational efficiency by providing key staff members access to critical information from any location, at any time
  • Intuitive, familiar, and easy-to-use browser interface lets you eliminate reliance on burdensome 3270-based terminals and terminal emulation software
  • Overcome the challenges of diminishing mainframe subject matter expertise and lack of 3270-based skills in newer staff

EOS Bridge

EOS Bridge enables EOS administrators to capture content on z/OS and transfer pre-indexed reports to UNIX, Linux, and other open system platforms for viewing. Utilizing the EOS Bridge, customers can reduce the high cost of MIPS utilized for viewing, and associated costs for storing reports on z/OS, and replace that viewing and storage using lower-cost open system platforms.

  • Reduce mainframe MIPS required for storing and viewing reports on z/OS
  • Utilize lower-cost open system platforms for storing and viewing reports
  • Leverage EOS capabilities to achieve operational efficiency within your organization