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RSD offers three levels of maintenance and support: Standard, Strategic, and Extended.


Standard Support provides online services and communication via customer portal, e-mail or phone. During regular business hours you have access to the support team; online services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Standard Support includes access to senior support engineers (SSE) for incident management and escalation. You can also download corrections, new releases (limited to features you've purchased), FAQs, technical documents, and invitations to user group meetings. Standard Support is available for all RSD products.


Strategic Support is the most comprehensive level of maintenance and support. If your organization cannot afford any down time for mission-critical solutions, then Strategic Support is the only choice. Strategic Support accounts have a Technical Account Manager (TAM), a single point of contact regarding support inquiries and issues. The TAM is responsible for maintaining regular contact with you to ensure you receive an unprecedented level of support, through detailed knowledge of your environment and proactive planning to minimize the risks and decrease the resolution time. Strategic Support includes everything that comes with Standard Support, plus personalized support and 24x7 for severity 1 incidents. Quarterly conference calls and an annual site visit are also included with this level.

Extended Support for EOS Customers

RSD’s release strategy has always been to provide support for both the current generally available release, as well as for the GA-1 release for additional 12-18 months after GA of the latest release, providing customers ample time to upgrade.  However, we fully understand that our customers have a long term investment in their EOS platform as well as in the z/OS operating system, and that changing versions requires time and preparation.  For this reason we have developed an Extended Support program to provide customers additional time to upgrade at their own pace and based on business priorities.  Extended Support programs typically run for 12-18 months, and are made available for an additional maintenance fee, for customers who choose to pursue this option.