RSD GLASS Governance Manager


The Court would rather you have no policy, than have a policy that you do not enforce. The ability to create, validate and easily update policies with RSD GLASS® Policy Manager is a major breakthrough for information governance. In effect, RSD GLASS Policy Manager gives your organization master policy management, a detailed master classification with powerful capabilities, including additional information management rules across all content.

RSD GLASS Governance Manager uses the approved policies in RSD GLASS Policy Manager as fuel for its engine to drive policy enforcement across your enterprise. RSD GLASS Governance Manager manages the lifecycle management processes and distributes the resulting retention and disposition, data privacy, and storage management actions across geographies and jurisdictions, platforms and applications, repositories, data warehouses, cloud applications, and even physical archives.

RSD GLASS Governance Manager

RSD GLASS Governance Manager maps the policies to the different jurisdictions and business units so information is properly governed. For example, if a rule in RSD GLASS Policy Manager states that partner invoices are to be deleted after seven years, compliance laws and regulations require that be done — those invoices must be destroyed. The steps for those actions need to be tracked because the whole process must be auditable to achieve defensible disposition. The actions are then carried out automatically by RSD connectors.

RSD GLASS relies on existing standards for databases, application servers, LDAP services and Web services. It also accommodates proprietary systems that persist in today's corporations. Access connectors available on the market aren’t sufficient to provide governance – they simply search and retrieve content. Governance connectors deny edit/delete rights to content.

RSD GLASS provides preconfigured governance connectors that enforce the policy rules-driven lifecycle actions across electronic and physical records.  RSD GLASS Governance Manager systematically sends commands to the distributed connectors so actions are executed directly in the repository – automatically.


Key Benefits

  • In-place enforcement. Avoid expensive and risky migration projects by systematically enforcing policies directly on information regardless where it's stored.
  • Break down silos. Rather than achieve compliance one repository at a time, RSD GLASS Governance Manager spans repositories and provides blanket lifecycle management. 
  • Immediate response to changes in laws, regulations, corporate policy or industry best practices. As changes are made to the rules which define information governance policy, RSD GLASS Governance Manager ensures that these changes, once approved for deployment, are automatically implemented across the enterprise-wide RSD GLASS environment.
  • Phased implementation. Enforcing information governance policies automatically across the potentially hundreds of enterprise applications on day one is almost impossible, so RSD GLASS supports phased enforcement capabilities. Deploy RSD GLASS Governance Manager to the business units and jurisdictions with the highest risk.

Key Features

  • Drag and drop interface for mapping corporate policies to business activity. 
  • Role-based interfaces for execution of policy-driven actions, such as: 
    • Place record, or a set of records, on legal hold; 
    • Dispose of records which are beyond the approved retention periods; 
    • Migrate aging records to a less costly storage tier; 
    • Declassify records. 
  • Trigger actions automatically based on business events (e.g. employee being laid off).
  • Initiate optional workflows to gain approval before an action is fully executed. 
  • Audit and tracking. Enforcement events are tracked, generating an audit trail for compliance and business metrics displayed in RSD GLASS Governance Dashboards. Audit reports are archived and distributed automatically as required by your compliance team.
  • Includes a rich set of governance connectors to SharePoint, EMC Documentum, OpenText, IBM, Hitachi Content Platform, Iron Mountain, Recall, RSD Folders, and EOS.
  • Supports industry standards. Works with applications that have adopted the Content Management Interoperability Services (CMIS) specifications developed by OASIS.
  • Connects to proprietary or custom systems using software development kit:
    • Support multitude of programming languages.
    • All APIs are exposed with detailed documentation and examples.
    • Experienced services and support teams to help your IT staff build a governance connector.