RSD GLASS the Information Governance Platform

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As the volume of information continues to grow exponentially, the costs and risks to manage that information grow equally fast. And storage is not the only expense. Information resides on people’s desktops, devices, in the cloud. Information is also buried in repositories all over the organization, running on different platforms, and across multiple jurisdictions.

All this information needs to be governed in accordance with corporate policies, which in most cases are based on spreadsheets - but can you make sure these policies are applied consistently across all repositories? Organizations are well aware of their ongoing legal and regulatory obligations because non-compliance leads to substantial fines, serious revenue loss, and significant damage to the company's reputation.

 "Customers use RSD GLASS® to manage the value, cost and risks associated with information assets, and to do so in a legally defensible manner." - Bassam Zarkout, Chief Technology Officer, RSD

The question is, how to manage that risk and improve the value of your information?

The answer is information governance using RSD GLASS®.

Manage Your Policies

RSD GLASS® Policy Manager is a policy engine used to capture and validate the requirements mandated by applicable laws and regulations and those required by the business, and transform them into coded policies for use and enforcement in the field.


Enforce Your Policies

RSD GLASS® Governance Manager

RSD GLASS® Governance Manager governs information in-place and controls lifecycle management processes across IT systems, business functions, jurisdictions, and affiliates.


Monitor Your Governance

RSD GLASS® Governance Dashboards

RSD GLASS® Governance Dashboards provide executive and regional leadership with tools to monitor and assess adherence to objectives and policy rules. Dashboards enable executives to quickly analyze by business unit, jurisdiction, repository, and record type.



RSD GLASS® is a patent-pending platform used to power global corporate information governance programs for electronic and physical content. Using RSD GLASS, companies can create corporate policies that are actively enforced across organizational and jurisdictional boundaries, IT systems, content repositories, cloud-based applications, and paper archives. Unlike alternative solutions, RSD GLASS manages multi-jurisdictional policies, granularity of governance events, and provides in-place active policy enforcement – wherever governed content resides – across the potentially decades-long lifecycle.

"At RSD, we believe the information governance challenge facing the enterprise today is of strategic significance.  Those who understand, plan, and execute to address this challenge will have a competitive advantage, even in extremely tough economic conditions." - Pierre Van Beneden, CEO, RSD