Powering and Simplifying Information Governance


Information is produced by back office systems and operations, line of business applications, e-mail systems, mobile devices, collaboration software, instant messaging, social media platforms ─ and by every person with a desktop or tablet in your company. As the pile of information grows, the cost and risk to manage it grows. New formats and unstructured data like audio and video don’t compress as well; more storage is needed. And storage is not the only expense. The records live on people’s desktops, in the cloud, and buried in repositories all over the company, running on different platforms from various vendors – IBM, Microsoft, OpenText, EMC, Autonomy, and the list goes on and on. There are also countless proprietary homegrown solutions as well as legacy applications running business-critical applications.

All of these systems require trained and skilled personnel to manage. The human aspect is not only costly ─ it increases risk. Today, you may have corporate policies ─ in a spreadsheet or across multiple spreadsheets ─ but they are almost certainly not connected to the IT-managed repositories where the information lives. Organizations are well aware of their ongoing legal and regulatory obligations because non-compliance leads to substantial fines, serious revenue loss, significant damage to the company's reputation, and possibly jail sentences for C-level executives. The question is, how to manage that risk and improve the value of your information? The answer is information governance using RSD GLASS®.

RSD GLASS is a patent-pending platform used to power global corporate information governance programs for electronic and physical content. Using RSD GLASS, companies create corporate policies that are actively enforced across organizational and jurisdictional boundaries, IT systems, content repositories, cloud-based applications, and paper archives. Unlike alternative solutions, RSD GLASS manages multi-jurisdictional policies, granularity of governance events, and provides in-place active policy enforcement – wherever governed content resides – across the potentially decades-long lifecycle. RSD GLASS enables the largest companies in the world to make better business decisions and mitigate risk associated with information management.

This is accomplished through:

  • A policy engine called RSD GLASS® Policy Manager that captures and validates all the requirements mandated by applicable laws and regulations and those required by the business, and transforms them automatically into coded policies for use and enforcement in the field.
  • RSD GLASS® Governance Manager to govern information in-place and control lifecycle management processes across IT systems, business functions, jurisdictions, and affiliates.
  • RSD GLASS® Governance Dashboards for measuring and overseeing your information governance program.
  • Transparent, high-speed search and secure access to governed content located anywhere in the enterprise – from any business application or mobile device.