IGaaS - Information Governance as a Service

The Future of Information Governance is Here

Over the past two decades, companies and individual users have achieved more productivity through the natural migration of a variety of complex processes and technical challenges from the end-user experience into the infrastructure of IT. The demand for and implementation of virtualization technologies internally within organizations during the last few years has revealed significant savings and reduced risk for many businesses and IT teams.

Cloud computing would not exist today without the ability to automatically provision and deliver infrastructure, platforms, and services based on this self-service model that has become widely accepted. The use of cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) represents a huge growth area in the IT industry.

RSD GLASS® is a patent-pending platform used to power global information governance programs for all corporate information. Using RSD GLASS, companies create corporate policies that are actively enforced across organizational and jurisdictional boundaries, IT systems, content repositories, e-mail applications, shared drives, cloud storage systems, and paper archives.

RSD believes information governance is quickly moving toward an SaaS model – enabling companies to deploy hosted and managed services across the complex IT infrastructure. The delivery of managed information governance services from within a cloud, is what RSD has defined as IGaaS®. IGaaS provides all the unique and required services for information governance such as: policy definition and maintenance, classification, active policy enforcement, secure access to information, lifecycle management, and audit. These services combined provide a complete and managed information governance platform for enabling the strategic use of information across business applications and processes. 


Most of those cloud repositories currently lack information governance and record management capabilities. RSD GLASS is the only patent-pending solution on the market to enable information governance in these systems. By coupling RSD GLASS with those cloud content repositories, your organization will be able to immediately turn them into a compliance system while letting business end-users continue using them as before.

RSD offers a certain number of pre-configured cloud plans of RSD GLASS regrouped under IGaaS:

These IGaaS plans of RSD GLASS consist in different predefined packages available at a monthly price. They aim to ease the bootstrapping of an information governance initiative as they already include all RSD GLASS modules and IT services in the price and avoid having the company’s IT department operate and maintain the platform.

  • Information governance as a service eliminates dependence on IT resources and enables uniform governance across all applications and systems
  • Includes rapid and predictable implementation of a proven information governance solution
  • Immediate availability of a user-friendly experience for policy management and enforcement 
  • Enables the governance of cloud-based repositories such as Amazon, OpenStack, Office365 (SharePoint), and many more
  • Lowers initial deployment costs and ongoing expenses with automatic, seamless upgrades