RSD announces RSD Global Archive for SAP R/3

Geneva, Switzerland – October 24th, 2002 - RSD Folders for Unix and Windows server platforms version 4.1.1 now includes a new component: RSD Global Archive for SAP R/3, certified for SAP ArchiveLink. This interface is a flexible, scalable enterprise solution for the seamless archiving and managing, within RSD Folders, of SAP generated documents, print lists and data.

RSD Global Archive for SAP R/3 adds a fundamental component to the SAP business workflow.
Documents received from SAP are archived according to SAP definitions. From an RSD Folders Client interface, users can retrieve SAP and non-SAP authorized documents originating from multiple sources in a variety of formats, either according to SAP criteria or RSD Folders classification, offering a comprehensive view and the total integration of business critical data. RSD Folders indexation allows for meaningful folder and document names, according to the user’s specific working practices.

Today, RSD Folders leverages the enterprise’s investment in the SAP R/3 system and maximizes the performance and efficiency of both products. “RSD Global Archive for SAP R/3 permits the SAP system to do what it does best, handle business processes and generate information, and leaves RSD Folders the job it is best designed for, archiving and managing document retrieval,” states Serge Quiniou, Director of Development at RSD.

This RSD solution is platform independent. Based on Java servlet and J2EE technology, it runs on any Web server, providing an architecture that conforms to the enterprise computing environment.


About the RSD Folders product line

RSD Folders can be best described as a state-of-the art document management system. Running on OS/390, Unix (AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Linux) and Windows (NT/2000/XP) server platforms, RSD Folders can capture a document in any format and assign it to one or more folders. The product supports any structured document format (Line, PDF, AFP) as well as unstructured document formats (scanned image, video, sound). The RSD Folders solution is built on a unique architecture fully adapted to flexible storage, organization and presentation of data needed for business critical applications such as CRM, ERM and EBPP.

About RSD

RSD, a name associated with innovation and technical excellence, is a leading provider of document management solutions. RSD's comprehensive archival management system is designed to deliver rapid deployment of all corporate documents and guarantees seamless access to all business critical data within an organization. Today, over a thousand companies around the world, including a majority of the "Fortune 500" across all industries, depend on the "savoir-faire" of RSD for their document distribution, archival and restoration needs. The company has its headquarters in Geneva, with affiliates in New York and London. The synergy of the RSD organization, together with its network of distributors and partners, enables RSD to manage projects on a global scale and to deliver solutions to support business in over 30 countries around the world. For more information regarding RSD products, please visit our Web site at or e-mail us at