RSD’s EOS now supports Linux/390

Geneva, Switzerland – December 09, 2002 - RSD is pleased to announce the support of Linux/390 for EOS (Enterprise Output Solution).

In keeping with RSD's commitment to seamlessly integrate its solutions into the enterprise computing environment, Linux/390 has been added to the list of supported platforms under Unix (AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris, Linux Intel). Linux/390 allows the enterprise to combine the flexibility of a Unix operating system with the power of a mainframe.

The adaptation of RSD products to Linux/390 technology is in line with RSD’s long term commitment to offer scalable solutions to its customers. “We want to be up-to-speed with our customers evolving requirements in terms of technology. Linux/390 is another example of how we do this.” says Alain Després, Managing Director of RSD.


About EOS

The Enterprise Output Solution is a comprehensive report and document management system designed to capture, distribute, view and archive electronic data across the enterprise. Built on advanced client/server architecture, EOS provides organizations the ability to manage the full life cycle of computer-generated reports and documents efficiently and automatically. This solution provides the end-user secure access on demand, in a single consolidated view, to requested information via RSD’s Web enabled retrieval interfaces or fully featured client-server products.

About RSD

RSD, a name associated with innovation and technical excellence, is a leading provider of document management systems. RSD's comprehensive solutions are designed to deliver rapid deployment of all corporate documents and guarantee seamless access to all business critical data within an organization. Today, over a thousand companies around the world, including a majority of the "Fortune 500" across all industries, depend on the "savoir-faire" of RSD for their document distribution, archival and restoration needs. The company has its headquarters in Geneva, with affiliates in New York and London. The synergy of the RSD organization, together with its network of distributors and partners, enables RSD to manage projects on a global scale and to deliver solutions to support business in over 30 countries around the world. For more information regarding RSD products, please visit our Web site at or e-mail us at