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Created on 30 December 2015
By James Amsler, Information Governance Presales Manager
2015 was the year in which Information Governance became mainstream. Data hacks / breaches are now so common, we shrug them off. (Most recent example here: 191 Million US Voter Registration Records Leaked). Facebook privacy settings, "The Cloud", and ownership of corporate / government email...
Created on 8 October 2015
By Jon Garde, Senior Product Manager
On the 6th October 2015 the Court of Justice of the European Union passed judgement ( ) invalidating the European Commission’s US Safe Harbour Decision. The impact of this decision will fundamentally affect how companies...
Created on 21 August 2015
By James Amsler, Information Governance Presales Manager
It finally happened. I have been with RSD for almost 6 years, and for most of that time, my children had no idea what I do for a living. My oldest (ages 13 and 12) have known for some time that my work entails selling and implementing some kind of software. My youngest 2 (ages 9 and 7) tell their...
Created on 8 June 2015
By James Amsler, Information Governance Presales Manager
Does it seem like RSD is showing up at a lot of trade shows these days? It should. By no means are we abandoning our old audiences (Hello, AIIM! Hello MER! ARMA, we are looking forward to October!) But we are introducing ourselves to new friends as well. So it was that I joined Alison McKune, our...
Created on 3 June 2015
By James Amsler, Information Governance Presales Manager
As most of you know, our Chief Strategy Officer Bassam Zarkout is inveterately Canadian. Bassam resides in the Ottawa area, and he reminds us often that the Ottawa area is the world's nexus of RIM expertise and thought leadership. I would not be entirely surprised to learn that he has a recurring...
Created on 2 June 2015
By Craig Dent, Presales Engineer
Big Bang Outcome 1
This week I attended a Records and Information Professionals (RIMPA) event which talked about the difficulties the profession is having in the transition to digital recordkeeping.Michelle Linton from Linked Training has many years of experience in Records Management and is a consultant to large...
Created on 25 May 2015
By James Amsler, Information Governance Presales Manager
This marks our 7th consecutive year (give or take) sponsoring the Managing Electronic Records Conference in Chicago. This is an important event for us. It is one of the densest events on our annual calendar, bringing together legal, IT, compliance, and RIM leaders to talk about IG. With apologies...
Created on 1 May 2015
By Jon Garde, Senior Product Manager
Get Started on You Information Governance Journey image
The famous Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu once wrote, “A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step.” Information Governance can be characterised as a journey that companies undertake when they want to take control of their information. It is not just about collecting, organising and structuring...
Created on 1 April 2015
By Ed Hallock, Sr. Director North American Marketing
2nd executive conference for information governance image
 I recently attended the 2nd Executive Conference on Information Governance put on jointly by ARMA International and ACEDS (Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists) in Amelia Island Florida. Here are my “top 10” observations from the event and some comparisons based on my...
Created on 31 March 2015
By Elizabeth Morales, Marketing Associate
measuring your information governance program image
Step 4 Measure program effectiveness and make adjustments. If you are at this point, then for you measuring the effectiveness of an IG program may seem obvious to ensure you are experiencing operational efficiencies and benefits from the program you put in place. Furthermore, measuring the program...
Created on 19 March 2015
By James Amsler, Information Governance Presales Manager
AIIM 2015 photo
There's a real sense of deja vu this week. Which makes perfect sense, since we were just here for ARMA a few months ago. No complaints here, the weather is good, the Wifi is fast, and our AIIM hosts are gracious.I do not think our AIIM hosts would dispute the perception that the organization as a...
Created on 16 March 2015
In this edition of the Influencer’s Corner, we met with Exterro’s Chief Marketing Officer, Bill Piwonka, to discuss eDiscovery and the importance of Information Governance. Bill quoted that, “Having a formal process to govern your information is incredibly important as by doing so, you can...
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