About RSD

Founded in 1973 in Geneva, with offices in North America: New York and Boston; in Europe: Geneva, Paris, London and Madrid; and in Asia-Pacific: Singapore and Sydney, RSD is the leading provider of information governance (IG) solutions for the enterprise. RSD  products help companies reduce operating costs and risk exposure through robust information governance programs that span multiple jurisdictions and decades-long lifecycles.

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RSD VIsion

For 40 years, RSD has helped companies address their information management challenges. We have observed first-hand, particularly over the past twenty years, that companies have amassed vast quantities of business information. There are practically thousands of different types of information – stored in content management systems, data warehouses, physical warehouses, desktop computers, file shares, back-up archives, mobile devices, cloud services and even employees’ personal computers.

Data storage hardware costs have dropped consistently over this period, creating an ideal environment for this explosion of business information, which shows no sign of slowing down. At the same time, the governance, risk and compliance responsibilities of organizations have grown as regulations over the management, security, data privacy, retention, and disposition of this content have expanded worldwide. This situation is going to change dramatically in the coming years, and the impact will be dramatic on both cost and risk.

It is clear traditional approaches to records and enterprise content management tools have failed to keep pace with these growing requirements. Rather than attempting to address these challenges with technologies, we have observed that companies are adopting information governance platforms to address the business challenges at the intersection of these two trends.

Over the past two decades, companies and individual users have achieved more and more productivity through the natural migration of a variety of complex technical challenges from the end-user experience into the infrastructure of IT. Like the water and energy utility services that so enhance the quality of our lives at home and in our workspaces, capabilities once left to end-users to manage have gradually disappeared from end-user experience, having been coopted and managed by IT as a utility service to users. In the early days of personal computing, each business application had to manage print services on its own – today we think of printing as something readily available to all the applications we use – be that our word processor, the browser, or a complex business application. Similarly, applications once managed their own user lists and access privileges. Today, an enterprise directory service manages that information for all applications. We see information governance moving toward this enterprise service model. Users will no longer need to change their behavior in order to comply with governance mandates.

No longer will governance controls be “siloed” within individual applications like email or content management systems. We believe information governance services, as standard services of IT infrastructure, will eliminate such dependence on users, and enable uniform governance across all applications and systems.


Unlike other vendors, we don't focus on owning your content, we focus on enabling you to govern your content. We understand what it means to design, develop, market, implement and support enterprise class software packages for information governance. For the last 15 years, RSD has continually been ranked a leader in the high volume archiving and distribution market. Industry analysts such as Gartner and Forrester have positioned RSD as a leader in this space, with excellent praises regarding our product suite, support organization, vision, and execution. Our track record demonstrates unwavering commitment to our customers’ success and the ability to over-deliver on our promises. 

  • 40 years of consistent profitability
  • 100% focus on records management, enterprise archiving and information governance
  • Award-winning information governance solution
  • Executive team with over 140 years experience in enterprise software
  • “Follow the sun” support model
  • Rich network of strategic partners
  • World class engineering – from mainframe to mobile technologies 

RSD Products

RSD GLASS® is a patent-pending platform used to power global corporate information governance programs for electronic and physical content. Using RSD GLASS, companies create corporate policies that are actively enforced across organizational and jurisdictional boundaries, IT systems, content repositories, cloud-based applications, and paper archives. Unlike alternative solutions, RSD GLASS manages multi-jurisdictional policies, granularity of governance events, and provides in-place active policy enforcement – wherever governed content resides – across the potentially decades-long lifecycle. RSD GLASS enables the largest companies in the world to make better business decisions and mitigate risk associated with information management.

RSD EOS (Enterprise Output Solution) and RSD GLASS, Archiving Edition (formerly known as RSD Folders) are the foundation products in the RSD portfolio. They are leaders in the output management, content and records management, and document archiving and retrieval product categories. Add-on products provide additional document composition and distribution capabilities to address the needs of the content-intensive enterprise.