Introducing EOS 360 v2

RSD is excited to announce the launch of EOS 360 v2.0. This latest version is a result of major investment in our flagship product, and the result of almost 2 years of engineering work

Support mainframe modernization by leveraging analytics with z/Trim

We are happy to announce the launch of z/Trim, a platform to facilitate mainframe modernization by leveraging analytics

The global financial industry needs to speed up its fraud detection through analytics

Fraud and data theft is, unsurprisingly a significant headache for organizations, and particularly so for banks and insurance companies

Solution and server consolidation – EOS meets expectations on scalability and performance.

For many years now, decades even, we have been told on a regular basis that the end of the mainframe is near

Mainframe, open systems? RSD brings interoperability and flexibility in your it environment.

Most large financial institutions still rely on the mainframe for their major application processing

From user access to information, to managing enterprise content.

In the business world today, companies are overwhelmed with the need to create more content quicker, and customized for more end-users than ever before