2019 CIO Virtual Event: Accelerating Mainframe Modernization

Duration: 50 minutes


Craig Hilburn – Technical Account Manager
Mark Perillo – Technical Account Manager


On average, 15% of mainframe budgets are wasted by running non-critical applications. But this portion of the mainframe budget results in lost opportunity for modernization and optimization. With today’s digital environment and opportunities for greater global connectivity, IT leaders are tasked with the need to integrate new capabilities and agility into their existing platforms to better optimize the mainframe for greater efficiency.

Now, listen to the Argyle 2019 CIO Virtual Event “Accelerating Mainframe Modernization” as we discuss a step by step approach to accelerating mainframe modernization:

  • Discovering what organizations are using within their platforms and the urgency to drive mainframe modernization
  • How to optimize mainframe consumption and free budget through decision making
  • Effectively assessing the application portfolio to identify opportunities to reduce mainframe costs
  • Driving the cost optimization momentum by keeping business stakeholders up to date