Argos Soditic announces the acquisition of RSD
RSD will now focus on its core products family EOS and Folders. Argos Soditic will accompany RSD in this strategy and will further increase investment in product innovation and sales resources.

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RSD GLASS and all Information Governance related content are now part of GlassIG.

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With EOS 360, optimize output management for z/OS and Open Systems for greater budget control and improved end-user experience.

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RSD Folders Drive enables companies to archive and access unlimited volume of legacy information with fast access time.

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Learn how to optimize your current EOS Output Management solution within your hybrid environment.
Date: Thursday April 27th – 11:00 am (EDT).

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EOS 360: Output Management Solution

EOS 360 increases your mainframe operations efficiency. For over 40 years, EOS has been the flagship name of RSD’s offerings. It’s a proven scalable and reliable enterprise software output management solution, easy to install and to manage.
Based on an extensive analysis of customer feedback, EOS 360 has been developed to reduce the cost of utilization, increase availability and performance, expedite administration tasks of IT administrators, and improve mainframe output management and user access to EOS reports and information.

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EOS 360 for Open Systems brings the power of EOS to Open Systems.

RSD EOS 360 for Open Systems integrates seamlessly into a distributed environment of Windows, Unix and Linux on z systems. It allows outputs from any application to be managed from a single platform, provides selective remote access and controlled printing functions.

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  • EOS Server

    Core engine features

  • EOS Cockpit

    Monitoring, Reporting and Audit


    With EOS 360 dashboards and its auditing capability, IT departments add visibility into EOS activity while additionally Identifying both positive and negative trends, streamlining mainframe IT operations automation.

  • EOS Process

    All features related to ingestion of reports


    Accelerates the ingestion rates of large datastreams and increases the scalability for high volume of data.

  • EOS Protect

    Security and Privacy


    Since risk and privacy are strong requirements, EOS 360 comes with a high level Encryption module to secure sensitive data. It integrates a Field-masking feature to protect personal information and enforce data privacy. The best way to be compliant with key regulations (PCI, HIPAA …)

  • EOS Access

    User access tools and interfaces


    EOS Access reinvents your way of accessing your reports through a new and improved, powerful user interface.
    These new functionalities include:

    • Secured access to reports from any device and mobile termnial through a modern interface, based on Google’s Angular 2 framework
    • An easy access to EOS reports through a Microsoft Outlook Add-in
    • An integration with existing web applications via the use of web services or API’s

    See the video demonstration of the new interface >>
    Watch the demo of the EOS Access Microsoft Outlook Add-in >>


New RSD EOS 360 - Demonstration of the Microsoft Outlook Add-in

EOS Access: Demonstration of Microsoft Outlook Add-in

RSD developed an Add-in, allowing users to access EOS reports directly in their own Microsoft Outlook environment. Let’s see the demonstration of this EOS Access Microsoft Outlook Add-in.

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EOS Access: Discover the new user interface

EOS Access reinvents your way of viewing reports and ensures easy,
secured access from any device through a new user interface.

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New RSD EOS 360 - Demonstration of the new user interface EOS Access





EOS Bridge

EOS Bridge: Hybrid Output Management Solution

EOS Bridge reduces your Mainframe costs with a Hybrid Model

The major challenge for IT organizations is to increase operational efficiency while aligning IT with their business needs. EOS Bridge has been developed to help EOS customers leverage their existing infrastructure in hybrid environment, by using their lower cost open system platforms for viewing their EOS reports.

With this solution, our customers optimize their output management and reduce significantly their Mainframe costs! Discover now how to save money with EOS Bridge.

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EOS Consolidation Services

Migrate your Mainframe Output Management Solutions using RSD Proven methodology

Companies are looking to harness the full value of their information to remain competitive, keep costs down, and reduce the risks associated with information management in all areas of expertise. Most of them are facing the same challenge: the proliferation of output management tools within one IT department, and are willing to consolidate look-alike products.

What are the benefits of a Consolidation project?

Based on our migration experiences, savings from a consolidation project can represent 30% of the total budget dedicated to output management.

Why consolidate your output management solutions with RSD?

RSD’s successful track record is a result of our experience and expertise to implement effective enterprise software and solutions. RSD Proven Methodology minimizes risks and delivers a successful migration while ensuring business continuity.

RSD has successfully migrated some of the largest worldwide companies in the recent past from the following solutions:

  • BMC Control D
  • CA Dispatch
  • Beta 92
  • ASG-Mobius ViewDirect

  • CA Deliver Beta 93
  • ASG-Mobius Infopac
  • CA Bundle
  • CA View

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“The project was a great success for us. EOS has enabled us to confidently move forward with technology from a vendor that has been committed to the mainframe platform for the past 40 years, while at the same time reducing our capital expenditure and operating costs.”

IT Manager – Southern European Retail Bank



New RSD EOS 360 - Demonstration of the Microsoft Outlook Add-in

RSD Folders Drive: Document Archiving Solution

Folders Drive enables companies to archive and access unlimited volumes of legacy information

The benefits of the solution are:

  • Open: Source and Format of information agnostic
  • Easy: One day implementation, cloud based service
  • High performance: High speed ingestion rates of large datastream

Folders Drive allows companies to rethink the way they archive documents and output streams.

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As an enterprise-grade distributed output and report management solution, RSD EOS facilitates the identification and management of virtually any output data stream as it is created, regardless of the application or platform on which it is generated. It fully automates report and content archiving, retrieval and destruction according to easily configured business rules.

RSD EOS is well suited for high volume datacenters and other content-intensive businesses, and is available on both Mainframe and Open Systems environment.

Select your requirements on the schema to have more details.

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  • User Accessibility Anywhere

    EOS Thin Client extends the power of RSD EOS by providing end-users with a secure, powerful, and easy-to-use interface from any standard web browser. Thin Client enables users to easily search for information, export data into compatible formats including Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, as well as selectively distribute and print subsets of information as needed.

    EOS Thin Client eliminates dependency on cumbersome 3270-based terminals and terminal emulation software.

    Solution Benefits:

    • Lowers print costs and eliminates software distribution costs by providing users secure and fast access to business content from any web browser
    • Enhances user experience and productivity with powerful data analysis and search tools – supporting both casual and sophisticated usage
    • Improves decision making with easy and personalized access to business-critical information in any format

    Download Solution Brief EOS Thin Client Brochure

  • Ease Administration

    RSD EOS provides tools to facilitate admin tasks like EOS Spool Manager.

    EOS Spool Manager extends the power of RSD EOS by providing a web-based solution that enables operators, systems programmers, and application developers to view Message Class Output including JCL errors, conditions codes and ABEND information using an intuitive browser GUI.

    Solution Benefits:

    • Achieve operational efficiency by providing key staff members access to critical information from any location, at any time
    • Intuitive, familiar and easy-to-use browser interface lets you eliminate reliance on burdensome 3270-based terminals and terminal emulation software
    • Overcome the challenges of diminishing mainframe subject matter expertise and lack of 3270-based skills in newer staff

    Download Solution Brief EOS Spool Manager Brochure

  • Encryption and Data Protection

    Organizations have an increasing responsibility to protect the privacy of customers and employees.

    Credit card numbers, social security numbers, private health related information and other sensitive data that should not be used outside of an organization must be protected from uncontrolled exposure.

    EOS Data Protection and Encryption efficiently encrypts data, masks any information in the reports and enables compliance for all content and/or report indices. Encrypted data remains encrypted through its lifecycle and is transparent to authorized end-users.

    Solution Benefits:

    • Allow field masking in reports
    • Automatic alerts to stakeholders when problems arise
    • Compliance with the latest Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) defined by the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council
    • A complete transparent encryption/decryption process for authorized end-users

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  • Mainframe to the Open World

    There are two opportunities for RSD EOS in the Open Systems world:

    1. EOS Bridge from z/OS to Open Systems

    EOS Bridge enables RSD EOS administrators to capture content on z/OS and transfer pre-indexed reports to UNIX, Linux and other Open Systems platforms.

    Solution Benefits:

    • Reduce mainframe MIPS required for storing and viewing reports on z/OS
    • Utilize lower-cost open system platforms for storing and viewing reports
    • Leverage EOS capabilities to achieve operational efficiency within your organization

    Download Solution Briefs on EOS Bridge Brochure

    2. RSD EOS for Open Systems

    Want to get all RSD EOS Output Management advantages on Open Systems?

    RSD EOS for open Systems enables organizations to achieve concise and compliant information delivery in a heterogeneous and demanding IT environment across UNIX, Linux, Windows and other Open Systems platforms.

    Download EOS For Open Systems Brochure

  • Reports and Document Archiving Solution

    RSD Folders® is a secure content and document management solution for complete records management, content archiving, auditing, information lifecycle management (ILM), search and discovery. It enables the efficient capture, storage, and retrieval of content generated by any legacy, ERP or PC-based application.

    Solution Benefits:

    • Identification and classification of any type of content
    • All content in native format
    • Definition of retention policies based on regulations and internal process
    • Enforcement of policies on content at anytime

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Most large financial institutions still rely on the mainframe for their major application processing. These installations will have at least one report management and document management solution implemented, handling outputs from most of the applications. Many companies have some applications running in an Open Systems environment, and at RSD customer sites, output from those applications […]

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3 programs to help you maximise your investments


Standard Support provides online services and communication via our customer portal, e-mail or phone. Our IT support includes access to senior support engineers (SSE) for incident management and escalation. You can also download corrections, new releases (limited to features you’ve purchased), FAQs and technical documents.



Strategic Support is the most comprehensive offering if your organization cannot afford any down time for mission-critical solutions. In addition to the Standard Support, Strategic Support includes the access to a Technical Account Manager (TAM) as single point of contact regarding support inquiries and issues, 24×7 assistance for severity 1 incidents and an annual site visit.


Extended Support

RSD provides support for the current generally available release, as well as for the GA-1 release for a certain period of time, providing customers ample time to upgrade.
We know that changing versions requires time and preparation when customers have a long term investment in their EOS platform. For this reason we have developed an Extended Support program to provide customers additional time to upgrade at their own pace and based on business priorities. (Available for an additional maintenance fee)

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Invest in training and certifications for customer credibility


RSD offers a broad range of educational services designed to give you the skills required to use our different solutions.

Participants to RSD training courses will benefit from the experience and best practices RSD has derived from over 1,100 successful customer implementations.


If you are a Partner, RSD wants you to be recognised as Certified professional, for the knowledge and skills you acquire through the courses you take and to obtain “RSD Solutions Expert” status.

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European leader of industrial and commercial vehicle rental with some 53,000 vehicles and a turnover of 800 millions euros.

The possibilities for automating processes in RSD EOS allowed us to make savings whilst improving the quality of services, so we only spend a half day a month on RSD EOS administration.

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Ireland's largest stockbroker employing over 400 people, headquartered in Dublin, with offices in London, Belfast, Cork and Galway.

To date, RSD EOS has allowed Davy to eliminate about 80% of its printed reports. The implementation of RSD's EOS product has provided tangible cost savings and productivity benefits to Davy and assisted greatly in the cultural shift away from a dependence on paper.

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The AIB Group, formally the Allied Irish Bank, is the Republic of Ireland’s leading banking and financial services organization.

"RSD EOS has been helping us to reduce costs, but more significantly, the easier access to the data facilitated by RSD EOS has contributed to increased productivity at AIB."

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The second largest writer in the U.S. of commercial and personal property casualty insurance and insurance through independent agents.

Travelers generates reports, many of which over 10 million lines long, are very costly to produce. Travelers made the decision to use RSD EOS as the preferred product to convert and archive all of the fiche to online, saving many hours of processing and about $300k of IT spend per year.

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One of the largest data centers in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA, along with Boeing and Microsoft.

"The State of Washington utilizes RSD EOS to enhance a legacy process and streamline critical business applications. Using RSD EOS has reduced the processing window time significantly, from 20-25 hours down to 4 hours. And, the integrity of the data record is maintained.”

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The world’s top provider of global express distribution services, operating services in more than 200 countries.

"The evolution of the product, its performance and functionality has met both the user and technician's needs. Each new version of RSD EOS has added new functionality and made the product easier to maintain".

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The world’s leader in financial protection and largest insurance companies in Italy, with 1.5 million clients.

"We are extremely satisfied with the way RSD EOS integrated into our IT infrastructure and with its administration functionality. Only one person is assigned to these tasks, illustrating the minimal resources required"

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RSD works with Partners to provide our customers a large set of certified competencies around our technologies, maximizing the benefit of our solutions.


Our Partner program has different levels that suit your organization, it’s competencies and business priorities.


Partnering with RSD will help you drive your growth and profitability, creating and delivering repeatable solutions to your customers.

Global Reach:
Join a community with a presence in over 27 countries on all 7 continents, helping expand a user base of over 2 million.

Professional Network:
Join our Partner community and leverage our reach, technology and service skills to expand your own business, extending the virtual team of sales, services and support professionals globally.

Training and Certification:
Take advantage of comprehensive training programs to develop skills and visions within your teams. Gain certifications to become a certified expert in RSD Solutions.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Stratos helps his customers in their modernization and value creation processes through innovative solutions and leading edge technologies. With more than 30 years of experience, the company addresses his customers core challenges, develops and implements appropriate action plans and deploys reliably as quickly as possible.

Phone: +39 011 950 00 00



SBSit was founded with the purpose of providing methodological and computer solutions that allow our clients to maximize the profits that information can bring to their business. The company is focused on Product and Services solutions around document and information management.

Phone: +351 214 021 684



Strategic and independent – GDOC approach allows clients to efficiently evaluate, implement and deploy best-of-breed solutions that transform customer interaction.  Experienced and insightful – GDOC provides a focused array of effective solutions that support and enhance any ECM, CCM, archiving or information governance environment.

Phone: +34 913 836 260
Phone: +44 1494 880577



Poly Software & Consulting has a strong reputation as a leading IT Solutions Provider in the Brazilian market with a long-standing expertise on General Content Management processes allowing their clients to improve the user productivity by self-service applications and fast content access.

Phone: +55 11 38 45 94 88



Communication Genetics is a provider of  most comprehensive set of Output and Content Management products to the South African market. Combined with our expertise, depth of experience and holistic approach we ensure the delivery of the most comprehensive set of solutions to the financial, insurance, and government sectors.

Phone: +27 10 595 9700



Bel-Star Electronic Systems Co. Ltd. helps customers businesses with professional IT-supported solutions to improve productivity and efficiency to keep pace with the swift growth market in mainland China. Bel-Star offers complete image management, document management, print and report management solutions along with outsourcing printing services for various industries.

Phone: +86 10 68 51 23 46




RSD develops and sells enterprise-grade software solutions to help Fortune 2000 companies increase their IT efficiency.
Built upon 40 years of expertise, innovation and the highest professionalism standards, RSD’s offerings enable customers to optimize IT assets usage in an ever more challenging and hybrid world and reduce further their operating costs thanks to a flexible license model.
Headquartered in Geneva, with offices in the US and Asia, RSD has built a strong and loyal customer base supporting millions of users worldwide, and its offerings are available all around the globe-both directly and through business partners.



RSD was founded in 1973 in Geneva, Switzerland. RSD’s foundation is in mainframe output management and later document archiving and retrieval. Over the years, RSD has released three primary solutions. Our first solution, Writer Scanning Facility (WSF2), was introduced in 1983 and is still widely used in banking and insurance circles for mass distribution of both internal and external reports. Renamed RSD EOS, this solution is an enterprise-grade distributed output and report management solution designed specifically to meet the challenges of capturing, synthesizing, and delivering actionable information where it’s needed, when it’s needed, and in the required format. In 1992 RSD developed RSD Folders, an enterprise-grade document archiving and records management solution to complement RSD EOS.



RSD solutions are certified with the Label ”swiss made software”. The Label represents Swiss values such as Quality, Reliability and Precision in Software Development. To receive this Label, companies have to prove that the key steps of their software development processes are carried out in Switzerland and also that 60% of the production cost is generated there.

Since its foundation, RSD solutions have been exclusively created in Switzerland. The main reasons for selecting Swiss-made software: our high quality professional standards with an ambition to deliver innovative and highly efficient solutions, backed by the reliability and precision of Switzerland’s software industry.

Discover the swiss made software label >>


François-Xavier (FX) is a highly accomplished C-level executive with 30 years of experience in technology and business services on a global basis.  His executive leadership expertise is grounded in his extensive global operations and financial experience. 

Prior to RSD, FX was President and Chief Executive Officer of Orsyp, a business automation and optimization software and consulting company.  In this role, he drove expansion of both the firm’s product offering and worldwide geographical reach, and transformed the company from a technology-driven entity to a customer-centric organization. 

FX also served as Chief Operating Officer and Board Member of Altran, the European leader in high tech consulting services with over €1.5 billion in annual sales.  He was responsible for Altran’s global operations, stimulating business growth while harmonizing activities across 20 countries.  FX also spent 15 years with Cap Gemini Worldwide. Highlights of his time at Cap Gemini include leading the restructuring of the company’s Italian and Spanish operations as Group Vice President.   

FX is a graduate of the French Business School Ecole Superiéure de Nantes AUDENCIA and is a chartered accountant.

Martin Floret is responsible for all RSD’s presales and post sales activities like training and technical services worldwide. He manages a team of experimented engineers who ensure the delivery of reliable customers support and services.

He leads RSD’s technical support team, which is renowned for offering the “personal touch” which has kept RSD customers loyal for over three decades.
Martin holds a master in computer science from the University of Marseille. Prior to RSD he worked on document composition software at the company now known as SEFAS. Martin joined the RSD z/OS development team in 1991. He then moved to the interface development group before building the RSD Open System development team. He has been responsible for RSD Customer Service since 1997.

Guy Muller is responsible for RSD’s Product Management, R&D and Quality Assurance activities.
Guy brings 15 years’ experience in the software industry with global international management experience in the Engineering and Customer Service fields.
Guy started his career at ORSYP Software in Paris. In 2002, he was transferred to San Francisco to rebuild the US Customer Support. He returned to Paris in 2006 as Worldwide Customer Support Director, making Customer Support a differentiator for ORSYP. In 2011, Guy was promoted to VP Engineering. As head of the Product Management, R&D and Quality Assurance teams he increased the value delivered to the market.
Guy holds an Engineering degree from Ecole Centrale Paris & Technical University of Munich and a eMBA from HEC Paris.

Christophe Aulnette brings 30 years of experience across Europe and Asia managing and developing global companies within the broad technology and services sectors.
Christophe started his career at Microsoft where he held enterprise management positions in France before heading to Asia in 1998. He was successively in charge of Asia Business Development in Tokyo and then President for South Asia, based in Singapore. In 2001, he was called back to France to take over as President of Microsoft France, a $1B operation at this time.
In March 2005, he became CEO of Altran Technologies as, a French headquarter Engineering and IT Services publicly listed company with a turnover of 1.5B€.
In July 2009, he joined Netgem, specialized in IPTV solutions for Telecom Operators, as CEO and moved back to Singapore mid 2013 as President International and member of Netgem’s board of directors.
Christophe is a graduate from the “Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications”.

Damien Fontaine is RSD’s Chief Financial Officer and brings 18 years of international management experience in various sectors, including; Industry, Equipment and Services for both B2B and B2C.
Damien started his career in 1999 as an accountant at Sogexo, a chartered accountancy firm based in Paris. He then joined Eversheds, one of the biggest law firms in the UK as a management accountant, where he was responsible for creating a bond between the UK and Overseas Account Teams. In 2003, he returned to Paris as the Finance Manager of Creative Labs, the worldwide leader in digital entertainment products for PC and the Internet. There he created a Pan-European process for rebate management. In 2009 he moved to Switzerland as the European Financial Controler at Feralco AB, a leading supplier of Water Treatment Chemicals. There, he was involved in the business developments projects in France and Turkey.
Damien holds Accounting and Finance degrees from Bury Sup and ESCIA.


25, Rue Eugène Marziano, Case Postale 1750, 1211 Genève 26

Our Geneva office covers our sales operations in Europe, Middle-East & Africa with representatives in France.


PO Box 6309, Rouse Hill, New South Wales 2155, Australia

Our office in Australia covers our sales operations in Asia-Pacific.


300 Frank W. Burr Blvd Glenpointe Centre East – Suite 54, Teaneck NJ 07666, United States

Our US office covers our sales operations in North, Central and South America